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Route: Zahedan(border with Iran) - Quetta - Lahore


Hitch-hiking: we did not hitch-hike in Pakistan, took the train instead since once we entered the country we got armed guards securing our safety.

According to what i have heard and what i believe hitch-hiking would work fine.


Accomodation: In Quetta, we were not allowed to stay at cheap hotels. We had to get a room at a more expensive one, secured by guards. After 6 pm, we had to stay in our room and in order to check out we had to show a train ticket and we were guarded to the station then. In Lahore, we could stay anywhere but once the police found us, we were escorted anywhere we went.


Tap water: did not drink it.


Visa- and Mastercard: Visa is more acceptable than MasterCard but there were plenty of ATMs in both cities.

Watch out when you change money, count the amount twice, do not trust the hands counting in the front of you.


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