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The route was: Poipet - Bangkok - Lamae - Krabi - Trang - Samnak Kham


Hitch-hiking: very good

   Most of the cars are pick-ups -had some awesome rides in the back of them. Trucks and regular cars will stop as well. The roads are "made for hitch-hiking" -easy to find spots to wait at. I used my thumb, no sign.

   Getting out of Bangkok: took a local bus to the South Bus Terminal from where we walked a couple of km. Thank to the traffic jam we could communicate with drivers before finding a place to stand at.


Tap water: avoid drinking it.


Accomodation: setting up a tent should not be a problem, we found even a place in touristic areas, close to resorts.

   Bangkok: if you do not mind bugs and dirt, you can get a dorm bed at The Overstay for 50 thai baht (close to Charan Sanit Wong 40, Soi Atsawamit).


Internet: easy to find netcafes, wifi is common, too.


Visa- and Mastercard: should not be a problem either.


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