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First ideas about filming

Posted on October 6, 2009 at 11:25 AM

This is what we wrote before the trip started about how and what we wanted to film.

We will document our travels in HD quality film thoroughly from the very start. With this material we will make video blogs as frequent as possible. Our ambition is to allure a production company with this material and ultimately have a TV series made about our journey. 

The way we see it, such a series should in essence be an honest and as accurate as possible description of the experiences on the trip. Given the inherent randomness in hitch-hiking, the trip itself will necessarily be unpredictable. This does however not mean that the shooting will be. We will focus on a set of recurring situation types for structure. Below are some ideas we have for where we might find consistently entertaining recurring situations.


  • The Culture - We’ll be on a constant lookout for events involving sports, games, music,   performing arts, local traditions, etc. Through the people we meet on the road we expect to find many events that would be impossible to participate in without an invitation.
  • The Stories - Imagine how many rides we need to get in order to make it around the world. Imagine the stories we’ll hear.
  • The Working -  We’ll volunteer for at least a full day of work in no less than every country we visit. This will allow us to get closer to people and give us the opportunity to experience work cultures.
  • The Nature - We love the outdoors and will head off the road as often as nature allures us.  
  • The two of us - We will attempt to capture the nature of our relationship on the road. We might be doing pranks on each other, competing, fighting or simply discussing recent events. .
  • The Trouble - It will find us on a trip like this. We might get sick, injured, lost or something else entirely. Simply finding food, water and shelter will at times be a problem.  
  • The Trading - We are both going to start the trip with a cheese slicer. We’ll trade our item forward in no less than every country we visit. It should make for some interesting bargaining sessions.

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