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Posted on October 19, 2009 at 4:08 PM

The KEPESITA expedition is still in Lebanon. We've been here so long because we’ve been waiting for answers from Iran about our visa and from the Boi Branco ship about maybe going to South America with it. It always looked like we would get the answers “next week”, so we have been continuously postponing the decision of where to go next. In the mean time, one of the people we met here gave us a tempting offer to stay and work with setting up a new business. While Kenneth has taken interest in this offer, Peter remains more intent on continuing the trip without delay. Because the job has the potential of both being very educational and possibly also financially rewarding it is a hard offer to turn down. After long discussions we decided that Kenneth will stay in Lebanon and see what might happen here, while Peter will continue traveling.

The KEPESITA expedition was never exclusively for us. From the very beginning we have been inviting everyone who wants to travel like we do to come and travel with us. Until now we have not been actively looking for others to travel with, but now that Kenneth is making a stop, Peter will be looking for new travel mates. Hopefully he will find people who are equally interested in documenting the travels and posting on Without having intended it, this turn of events might have given us a push towards realizing the dream of having started a trip that will go on after both of us have quit. That by the time KEPESITA has made it around the world,  many others have joined who also want to hitch hike around the world. Then that as long as the journey kept inspiring people to join, the journey would go on.

Still, it was not easy to decide that we would part. We started this trip together and do not want to split up, even for what might only be a short period. However, considering that KEPESITA would be neglected if we both stayed and that the job here is hard to walk away from, we believe that the right thing for us to do now is to embrace both projects.

We will still be partners in everything we do on this trip. When we started out we had an understanding that we would share all expenses of the trip and all the potential rewards. This was true before and it will continue to be so in the future. Whatever either project will yield, we will still split the reward.    

The project in Lebanon may or may not be a long term one. In two three months we hope to know more about whether or not anything will come of it. If it turns out after some months that there is no more work here in Lebanon, then Kenneth will head off to meet up with Peter. But even if it will take time, we are sure that we will travel together again sooner or later.

Kenneth will still keep posting blogs on It will be a closer look at life here in Lebanon. Whenever possible he will also make trips in the region and write about them. Peter will be posting blogs, photos and videos from the trip as usual. To keep English blogs about the adventures on the road being posted on we will now be translating all the Hungarian blogs to English. Now that Kenneth will be spending a lot of time at the office with access to the luxury that is internet, he will also be able to supplement researchable information about the places, people, events, etc that Peter will see, to the English translation of Peters blogs.    

Peters plan is to head off by the end of October, go through Syria, Turkey and then east to Iran. However, the timetable and route, as always is entirely flexible and depending on the person he will travel with on this next stretch.



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Reply X4Nd3R
5:11 AM on October 20, 2009 
Hey man!!! Very surprising to read about you guys splitting up. But I guess it's a well thought through decision.
Will be fun reading about two adventures though...

So Kenneth, what kind of bussiness are you getting into then??

All is well here in northern Europe, leaves are falling, temperatures dropping.
Got a very interesting bunch of kids this year.

take care...
Reply Roch Jub
1:07 PM on October 20, 2009 
Hey guys,

good trip ! I'm on my way too(in Africa), hitchhiking as well, maybe we'll see each other.

Also you should check
Reply kaska
2:22 PM on October 20, 2009 
good luck guys :-) kaska&loesje
Reply Acrobat of the Road
10:04 PM on October 21, 2009 
Good luck !!!
Reply Sogningen
1:54 PM on October 22, 2009 
Oi! Dette kom veldig overraskende! :O
Hadde ikke trodd Kenneth skulle velge jobb foran reising, men du vet vel best selv. Hĺper og tror at dere mřtes igjen veldig snart dog!

God tur videre Peter, og lykke til med jobbingen Kenneth! Har du internett har du ingen unnskyldning til ĺ unngĺ ĺ svare pĺ mail!, hehe :P Savner dere begge, klem Ĺshild
Reply Berit
1:00 PM on November 5, 2009 
Hei deko to:) Ser deko tar ting som det kommer ,kjempe messig! Gjer da som fřles rett for begge to, sĺ blir det ikkje feil.
Har sĺ sansen for mĺten deko gjer ting pĺ, og so orden da seg alltid:) like! Kos deko vidare pĺ kvar deka oppleving og so vente me i spenning pĺ ka som skjer vidare:)
Take care!