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Learning to Inspire

Posted on October 6, 2009 at 11:20 AM

Inspired by the Earth Charter, we wrote this before starting on the trip.


We feel that it would be naive and disrespectful towards the people we hope to visit if we presumed that we, two ordinary guys, could come along and make positive change in their lives. On the contrary, we are hoping that they will make a positive change in ours.

The relationship between learning, teaching and making a difference is very clear to us. We don't preach in our neighbour’s house. We listen and we learn, if we disagree we might question, but not correct. After visiting a thousand neighbours perhaps we’ll be ready to teach at home.

That is not to say that we don’t want to concern ourselves with global issues. On the contrary, there is simply a sequence. First we need to learn what the issues are, then who it is that are facing them and how they work to solve these issues. Then we can go home, see how our lives connect to the puzzle and how we can work for the common good.

Wanting to make change for the common good is often described as youthful, naïve and idealistic. These are terms that describe such ambitions well, but working to make change implies nothing about the size of contributions. If manage to preserve our youthfulness and idealism even after our naivety is long gone, then we will be equipped to inspire and our contribution could ultimately be great.                                                     

How we might go about making change for the common good depends entirely on what we’ll learn these next years. We can only speculate. What I would think today is that the best way to make change at home is to work with the attitudes of young people. To challenge their view of the world and their position in relation to it before it gets entrenched.

I would think that a lecture tour of schools would be effective. We would use stories from the road to capture our audience attention and use it to challenge their perspectives and if successful to inspire them to work for the common good. If we can inspire one single person at a young age and he or she grows up to become a person of power, then our trip will have served its purpose.


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