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First strech done, many to come

Posted on July 10, 2009 at 12:40 PM

    We are now in Serbia. So far we have only barely made it across the Serbian border. Not because it's hard to get rides. On the contrary, getting rides has proved much easier than either of us had dreamed of. The reasons that we are still only some hundred kilometres under way are Daniel, Chris and Karesz. Daniel is a local radio host here in Magyarkanizsa. Chris is his friend; a bass player we went to a rehearsal with yesterday. Karesz is guy we met today with whom we are going to ride 40 km in a horse cart tomorrow. The first paragraph below was written before we left from Budapest, the rest was written after.

   The last day of preparations is underway. We are sitting at the offices of an insurance company, waiting to the get the last one of the documents we need. Before the day is over we need to get ourselves a tent, mats, a backpack, medicines and perhaps most importantly; cases for our electronic equipment. From the very early stages of planning we were agreeing that we wanted to bring very few valuable and fragile items. As it has turnedout however, we have realized that if we are going to be able to make frequent updates on KEPESITA, then there is quite a lot of stuff we need. All in all we are now going to be carrying a notebook, a photocamera, a video camera, a GPS tracker, external hard drives and more. So considering that we will be living out of our backpacks, we need to take great care in packing the electronic equipment properly.

   The first ride was a funny coincidence. We were just heading out from a friends apartment on our way to the tram when Crocky and Fet came by. (The reason we are in Budapest now is to attend their wedding) In the final day of preparations they just happen to drive by us on their way to the Cuban embassy. (Honeymoon!) We ran to get into the car in the middle of the street feeling great that this was the first ride of many that we are going to be chasing together these next years and that we got it from them.

   Today we are going to meet up with a Daniel, a local radio host here in Horgos, Serbia. We met him by chance last night as we were sitting on a bench in Horgos and taking a break after having walked from the border. As a matter of fact, we walked close to 15 of the last 25 km getting into Horgos. Hitch-hiking close to borders might generally prove more difficult than other stretches. I guess people are worried about the contents of your backpack.


   We are now sitting under a tree at the bank of the river Tisza. The wind is blowing, we've had breakfast, a swim, there are nice girls here playing volleyball. Life could hardly be any better. Or rather it could and it did. I cute little dog justcame and joined us.

   After only two days on the road we haven't even scratched the surface of what this trip has in store for us. But if we are going to keep finding places like the one we are sitting at now and people like the guy we met yesterday, then this is going to be the journey of a lifetime.

   We've spent the afternoon together with Daniel and later on also Chris. After the beach and a game of chess we went into town with Daniel. He showed us some sights and we had dinner at a small restaurant. They served us a huge plate of meet and a little vegetables. It was incredible. I can taste it in my mouth even now. Later on we met up with Chris, he drove us to a neighbouring village where he had a rehearsal with his band. It had a nice feel to it; riding in his old Yugoslavian Zastava with our backpacks sticking half way out of the trunk and his guitar on ourlaps. After some hours of relaxing at the bar, he drove us back to a camp site at the beach . Tomorrow I am planning to start the day witha nice little bath in the Tisza river before, hopefully, we might get some work at a retirement home. We are putting our bets on Daniel for that one.


   Peter has been on fire at arranging things for us this morning. He started the day by going up river to a local dock to talk to some fishermen. There he tried to bargain for a boat that we could travel down the Tizsa and into the Danube on. It turned out to be a wee bit to expensive (and unsafe), so the next idea was to travel south on a barge. He found that barges going to and from Belgrade were docking there almost every day. It was unclear however when they came, so instead we decided to follow up on the possibility to go volunteer for work at the retirement home here in Magyarkanizsa. He went there, but they told him it would be against the law. Then they asked us why wedidn't go to the EXIT music festival instead and enjoy the music like normal kids do. So we resigned to finding some internet in order to make some updates to our site. Though it didn't take long until he struck up a conversation with some guys here.  Now he has arranged for us to travel 40 km towards Belgrade with a horse cart. We have to be ready tomorrow at half past three in the morning. Then we ride five ours on the cart to a horse show. I love this trip! Peter says: "Could you write we !?!"


   It is amazing how alive you feel when every day is an adventure.

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Reply Misa
1:23 PM on July 10, 2009 
Reply mfbro
4:20 AM on July 13, 2009 
eeee YO ..........:)
Reply Peter and Matías
2:52 AM on July 14, 2009 
Hey Boys!

It is a huge coincidence that I just read an article about you in this newspaper called Blikk (Peter knows it I guess). I am Peter who is writing you know.
I think you found the biggest fun of your guys. Last summer we worked in Crete with Matthias in a 4 star hotel. One day after work we were sitting on the beach very tired, sipping some beer, when we came up with the same idea with my friend like you boys. Our dream was not that big, cuz we named our trip Tokio trip. It pretty much covers the idea.
So guys wish you again good luck and good health for the upcoming days. When ever boys you got news just post it cuz we cannot wait get to know more about your trip.

With all the respect!
Peter Matías
Reply Laló
1:04 PM on July 16, 2009 
Hope you will have even more fun.