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Days 70 and 74. Boat hunt in Beirut (Lebanon 3.)

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 Days 70-74. Boat hunt in Beirut (Lebanon 3.)



   Even before stepping on Lebanese lands we decided we’d try to get on a ship. We wouldn’t have been the first ones to pay off in labour and travel on a vast ship. Emails and phone calls were in vain so we devoted two days to leave for the capital from Tripoli in order to ’investigate’ personally.

   On the first occasion our goal was to get to ...

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The second year

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The account on the first year of our journey can be found here.


   Another year has passed. Again, saying thanks is first:

   My family, my friends, my acquaintances and strangers, couchsurfers, car drivers and truck chauffeurs – thank you for your support! Thanks to You, the first year of the expedition could be follo...

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Day 65. In the company of Africans (Libanon 2.)

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Amongst lions, in the company of Africans



   According to Agnes and Jane, the Lebanese are, from many aspects, more dangerous predators, than the lions of their home, Nigeria or Ghana.



   With our Lebanese acquaintance, Daniel and his three friends, the Ghanaian-born Agnes, Jane of Nigerian birth and her son, Kingdom, we went to see the zoo near Beirut. The tiny world of cages lies in the mounta...

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Days 57-64. Tripoli (Lebanon 1.)

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In Tripoli, during Ramadan, the Islamic fasting month, under Jehova’s witness’ guidance




   From the Syrian border station we were directed to the nearby greengrocer’s to obtain an official document certifying we payed the fee for leaving. So now we were free to go to the Lebanese side, we got a visa for 15 days, and then, with two rides we got to Tripoli, the biggest...

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Days 54-57. Tartus (Syria 1.)

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Days 54-57. Syria




Day 54.


   Walking between the Turkish and the Syrian border stations, we were stopped by a whistle. From the sentry post on the hill, a well-armed soldier indicated that we stop, we can’t walk onwards. We wanted to turn back but another whistle found its way to us. We were not allowed to walk neither forward, nor backwards. We were standing on the road, kept isolated from the near...

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Days 50-54. The key word - Ali (Turkey 3.)

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Days 50-54. The key word - Ali


Days 50-52.


   We got to Hatay in the early afternoon. Before leaving for the coast, we decided to have a cup of tea in a little coffee house, escaping the blazing Sun. There were no other customers, just the woman managing the place, her sons and friends. With a gesture they invited us over their table so that we eat together. Whereas we were trying the pie, the roasted meat pieces and the mint leaf...

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Days 49-50. Truck-drive in Turkey (Turkey 2.)

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Days 49-50. Truck-drive in Turkey



   We set out from Istanbul in the morning hours; the setting sun found us in a little town, a few kilometres south from Ankara, the formal capital. Our intention was getting close to the Syrian border, so our board was showing Hatay, name of a town in southern Turkey.

   The street lights were already on when we got picked up by Omer and his fiery red truck. Due to its 40-tonne-load, i...

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Days 37-48. Istanbul (Turkey 1.)

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   The Turkish cultural capital that connects Europe and Asia is home for both the Eastern and the Western worlds. A plate boundary, seemingly without earthquakes.



   We arrived from the direction of the Greek border via a hitch-hike to the city that is of enormous magnitude, even when you approach it by car. After the first houses we raced on the highway for ca. 1 h...

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Days 28-37. Albania, Greece

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Days 28-37. Albania, Greece



Days 28-30.


   We were enquiring about everywhere, we crossed the traffic jams of Fier many times but we couldn’t find the factory and grounds at either side of the town. Saying goodbye to the Dutch guys, we started to head towards the sea-side. As we got to Vlore, we escaped from the blazing sun into the first coffee house offering wifi connection and we spent the rest of the day ...

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Days 22-27. In the mountains (Albania 2.)

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Days 22-27.


Day 22.


   Only in the afternoon did we start walking out of the capitol, on the road leading to Elbasan. We were given a ride by the ’head’ of the Albanian motorway constructions. After 20 kilometres of winding mountain path, the town and a huge, in most parts forsaken factory and grounds in a valley appears suddenly as if from nowhere. In the country there are many factories, factory-systems like that whi...

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