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Days 371-381. Samcheok (South-Korea 2.)

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371-380.nap Samcheok


   I got a reply from Ken, an American teaching in Samcheok that, although two Hungarian guys are staying at his place, he is happy to take me in. I was surprised that he didn't even mention the coincidence.


  When I reached the town I looked for a phone booth and called him. I told him I was Peter from Hungary. The answer, which was a "Yes....?" wasn't too convincing and therefore I added that I was a couchsurfer. He d...

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Days 367-370. Seoul (South-Korea 1.)

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Days 367-368.


   The huge piece of iron was ploughing through the foams during a day. I bought the cheapest ticket so what I had was a small corner in a room with a tatami. I was cruising on the rug-covered corridors of the ship as the only foreigner. The Korean and Chinese passengers invaded the impromtu grilling corner and its plastic tables, chairs set up at the stern of the boat. The fun lasted till dawn. There was great fuss in the g...

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Kepestia as project and as a made-up word was born in 2009. It stands for the written and visual documentation of a 952 day-long hitch-hiking journey from Hungary to New Zealand and it aims to embrace the initiatives generated by the experience of this venture, as well.

Coming soon:
Kepesita (Art) Collection
Kepesita Graphic Novel



The second year   07.07.2010 - 07.07.1011.

The first year          07.07.2009 - 07.07.2010.

A második év         2010.07.07 - 2011.07.07.

Az első év               2009.07.07 - 2010.07.07.


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